The quality of our training is second to none

Elkhill is a credible source of best-fit, blended learning solutions through which we help individuals, businesses and community organisations achieve their respective goals. Elkhill expertise lies in tailoring training courses to meet clients requirements. Each training course is individualised and customised, thereby maximising time and ensuring delegates are learning functions necessary to their roles in the area of project planning and management.

We offer a range of project management courses and many more, equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary to rise to the challenge of project work. Whether you lack experience in the project environment or are delivering multiple projects, you can benefit from project management training.

Why it is the preferred Project Management tool

Primavera Experts

Our expert training covers Primavera industry solutions for oil and gas, utilities, engineering and construction, manufacturing, aerospace and defence, and the public sector. We provide fully functional training solutions to help our clients make better portfolio management decisions, evaluate the risks and rewards associated with projects. These best-in-class solutions provide the project execution and control capabilities needed to successfully deliver projects on time, within budget and with the intended quality and design.

Best Solution for the Enterprise

Primavera Portfolio Management is the leading portfolio management software solution, providing unmatched flexibility and infrastructure for enterprise portfolio management. With its unique functionality, real-world enterprise scalability, and unlimited configurability, Primavera Portfolio Management is ideal for managing just about any type of portfolio from ideation through execution. Powerful security features and a clean user interface make it the perfect solution for collaboration among all stakeholders in the organization. Our training programs therefore brings all these benefits to our clients.